“Sauna Plus” website design & development

“Sauna Plus” website design & development

Individual website and design development for “Sauna Plus” business card (landing) type page. The design is designed to include theme-related tones and to adapt to the company’s simple style, which is also included in the products. The website has been developed with an easy-to-manage WordPress CMS, which the customer will be able to edit and add to the necessary corrections.

Every home or summer house owner has a dream of a personal sauna. It is not always possible to build it yourself. Building a sauna is a long and expensive activity that requires a lot of energy and free time. The most economically correct solution would be to purchase our finished products.

The sauna includes a steam room, benches, windows, ventilation, electrical installation and lighting, as well as a water flow heater or boiler with a mixer and a faucet, which is installed near the shower.

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